NewsCred: The Future of Content Marketing

I’m excited to announce that I have invested in NewsCred, a provider of end-to-end content marketing software that includes the world’s largest marketplace of licensed content. 

InterWest has conducted extensive due diligence on the content marketing space for over two years, meeting with 25+ innovative companies before selecting NewsCred.  Our selection was based on the same fundamental investment thesis that led us to invest early in other category-leading SaaS companies like Marketo, Optimizely, and Spredfast.  Namely, a massive market that satisfies our “Why Now?” questions, the best product in the space and a visionary and product-oriented team committed to building a company for the long-term. 

NewsCred is the clear leader in the space today and we believe they have all the characteristics of a category-leading company.  We look forward to supporting their team and co-investors in building a successful and long-lasting company.

Here are four reasons why we chose to invest in NewsCred, and why I am excited to join their Board of Directors:

1) The Market Opportunity is Golden
For me, the answer to the question “Why now?” illuminates the most promising market opportunities.  In short, are there market forces currently creating an opportunity that didn’t exist a few years ago?  Is the tide lifting all boats?

Thanks to our prior SaaS investments in marketing automation and social marketing, InterWest has had a front-row seat to witness the rise in the importance of content marketing.   Specifically, we’ve seen the meteoric rise of the adoption of systems like Marketo and Spredfast to the point where marketing automation and social marketing are must-have systems of engagement for marketers that are being adopted by nearly every company, both BtoB and BtoC. 

However, we have also learned that without a steady flow of great content, even rock-star marketing systems simply won’t work.  Think of marketing automation and social marketing systems as engines with content being the fuel.  The fuel is a steady stream of high quality, authentic and cost-effective content. 

However, being successful at content marketing is easier said than done.   93% of business-to-business marketers use content marketing, but only 42% say they are effective, according to the Content Marketing Institute.  It is the same story for BtoC marketers.  There’s a tool missing in their SaaS toolbox and they struggle to scale because they don’t have the in-house resources to create and curate high-quality content to feed their automated systems.  These marketers need a platform like Newscred to help them scale and optimize their efforts to drive a return on their content investments.  

2) The Best Product in the Market
We have met with 25+ companies in content marketing across many segments, including workflow software companies, creator marketplaces, content curation platforms, content analytics and many others.  We have also spoken with dozens of enterprises, brands and agencies to understand their content marketing challenges and needs.  

Our conclusion is that content marketers need a simple-to-use, yet broad solution that serves as a platform for all of their content marketing efforts.  NewsCred has built a flexible and versatile cloud-based product that satisfies the full range of content marketing needs, from original content workflow, sourcing, recommendations, publishing, distribution, and analytics.  NewsCred offers the best and most differentiated product on the market: a broad content platform that lets marketers manage their entire content process from start to finish.

3) Team & Culture
No product, however great, can exist without a rock-solid team behind it. NewsCred’s three founders, Shafqat Islam, Iraj Islam, and Asif Rahmanare, are a team rooted in computer science and product innovation.  The experienced trio has persistently built a business that is ahead of the market in creating a true content marketing platform.  And, they have the vision, ambition and patience to build a category-leading company.    

One unique aspect to Newscred is its development office in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  NewsCred has infused such a powerful culture into its overseas office that it was featured in a recent documentary about the Bangladesh startup scene, Startup Dhaka. Having a development office in this environment is, and will continue to offer, a huge advantage for rapidly fine-tuning an already fantastic software product.

Each of Newscred’s three global offices emanates an electric vibe that motivates the ambitious, fast-moving team. Their talent and vision orbits around a commitment to building a company of consequence. They are driven to win.

4) Customer & Market Validation
Of course, all of the above is validated by NewsCred’s fantastic market traction.  In 2013 alone, the company’s customer base tripled, and its revenue increased by 400%.  The team of 120+ employees has garnered rave reviews from major brands, including Procter & Gamble, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Sprint, Xerox, Visa, Bank of America, AIG, Hearst and Time, Inc. 

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  1. Happy that you have chosen NewsCred among the other 25+ content marketing companies! Go ahead NewsCred... You guys are our inspiration :)