My Next Chapter in Venture Capital

After 15 fulfilling years at InterWest, I am excited to share the news that I have joined Shasta Ventures.    

When I joined InterWest, I was 26 years old, the year was 2000 and the bubble was bursting.  Most young people who joined the venture business at that time did not make it.  I am grateful to my partners at InterWest for mentoring me, providing me with a strong platform and having the patience to help me build a track record.

In Shasta, I have found everything I was looking for in the next chapter of my venture career.   While there are many models for success in venture, I subscribe to the belief that this is not a scale business.  I wanted to join a firm where all the partners can sit around a small table and make quick and efficient decisions.   And, I wanted a fund size where a single fantastic investment can return all or most of a fund.  Strategically, I sought to join a firm that is focused solely on Information Technology and that also has a strong software franchise.  Shasta has a fantastic enterprise software practice with investments like Anaplan, Apptio, Lithium, Steelbrick, Zenprise, Zuora and many others.  And, Shasta’s strategy to invest in Series A and in early Series B companies overlaps exactly with my experience.   Finally, and most importantly, I have found a firm with a strong cultural fit, shared values and a common philosophy that entrepreneurs are the core of our business.  Shasta has built a fantastic reputation among its entrepreneurs for being a valued and trusted partner.   

Today is also a day of mixed emotions.  After 10 years, yesterday was my last as a board member of Marketo.  I feel so fortunate to have been able to invest in Phil Fernandez, Jon Miller and Dave Morandi when they had an idea to revolutionize digital marketing.   I have learned so much about what it takes to build a category-leading public company from the founders and the entire team at Marketo.  Thank you to Phil, Jon, Dave, Fred, Bill, Steve, Jason, Sanjay, Nick, Margo, Joan and all of my fellow board members for allowing me to be a part of Marketo’s fantastic journey these past 10 years!  

I couldn't be more thrilled that the Shasta team chose me to join them as a partner.  I feel like I am starting the venture business again for the first time with all the same excitement and anticipation.  More than anything, I feel lucky to have the opportunity to be in this business.   Working with passionate and fearless entrepreneurs building ground-breaking companies is a true privilege.


  1. Venture Capital has been an interest of mine for several years. glad to hear you are finding the entrepreneurs you need as partners! every wish for good fortune.

  2. Congratulations Doug! Shasta is such an awesome team to join.

  3. Congratulations Doug, sounds like a great fit for you and for Shasta. Should make for a successful adventure over the coming years! - NKR